Places of Worship, Main Celebrations, Photo archive.

Places of Worship


LABRYS Religious Community, since its establishment, implements a series of actions to fulfill the restoration of the Hellenic religious tradition and thus the Hellenic worldview and lifestyle in the place it deserves, a fully legally recognised and functional spiritual path.



LABRYS Religious Community has established an Altar at Hill of Muses (Filopappou) where public rites are being held biweekly.



LABRYS Religious Community in the same framework performs rituals at the Temple of Zeus in Ancient Nemea and at the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens.


Natural Sanctuaries

Also worship is extended to all natural places of worship according to the Hellenic (polytheistic) religion and tradition.




Main Celebrations


LABRYS Religious Community perfroms the following rites according to the Hellenic Lunar Calendar.


Summer Solstice (~21 June)
Athena's birthday (28 Ekatomvaion)
Autumn Equinox (~21 September)
Theseia (8 Pyanepsion)
Pompaia (6 Maimakterion)
Maimakteria (20 Maimakterion)
Winter Solstice (~22 December)
Theogamia (27 Gamelion)
Anthesteria (11 & 12 Anthesterion)
Demetra and Kore (21 Anthesterion)
Spring Equinox (~21 March)


Note: During the festive annual cycle, also Heliodetis, Noumenia and Full Moon rites are performed and honoring celebrations take place for the Gods and Ancestors, as the Aloa, Lenea, Asclepieia, Thesmophoria, Kallyntiria etc.


Attika Dionysia - organized by LABRYS

The Hellenic festivals were held from the depths of time. Today LABRYS Religious Community continues the great Hellenic Tradition by organizing the annual festival of the Attika Dionysia. This unique festival is celebrated in Athens and is dedicated to the Hellenic worldview. The festival of Attika Dionysia is organized by LABRYS and have participated and participate, besides LABRYS' members, many artists, musicians, composers, actors, directors, choreographers, dancers, music and dance groups, sports, cultural and other associations who reflect with their work this part of the Greek Civilization/Tradition that highlights the feature which characterizes it, the Piety in gods.


Prometheia - LABRYS participation, organized by "Prometheus Pyrforos"

LABRYS Religious Community since its foundation supports, through its active participation, the Prometheia festival at the mountain of the Gods, Olympus. With the excellent cooperation of the organizers "Prometheus Pyrforos" undertakes to co-organize and carry out part of Prometheia activities.



Event Photo Archive


In the following webpages you can find audiovisual material of indicative events organized by or with participation of LABRYS Religious Community.


Photos in the online photographic archive of LABRYS on flickr

Video in the online channel of LABRYS on YouTube

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