Ceremony of Heliodites

Ceremony of Heliodites


The Heliodites is a modern ceremony performed on the first day of the week of the solar calendar i.e. Sunday or Apollonia . This is a ceremony in which due honour is given to the Sun; not only on a physical level but mainly on the noetic or mental level. The Heliodites was established as a good spiritual exercise to be followed unfailingly each week on the particular day which is a resting day for most people. The Sun as with every other star in the universe is party to its order and harmony and, for this reason, it is often referred to as the king of the visible or sensible world. It has the power to cleanse, to uplift the mind and to provide life, health and personal development/growth.


It also teaches us internal harmony; a necessity for communion with the divine beings. Generously offering His light, He brings forth the conditions for the indiscriminate existence of all earthly beings. This renders him as an excellent example of Arête (Virtue). The Sun, therefore, is a first-class guide for any spiritual path and, in our tradition, he is associated with the Apollonian path. Thus through contemplating Him, a partial approach to the Great Musician of the Universal World may be achieved.



Come, O' Blissful Gods,
great friends of mortals,
mighty pillars of the world.
Come, Immortal Gods,
by the grace of our libations, freely grant to us mortals,
untainted virtue, great happiness, and well-being.


* Libate red wine and make offerings.


Plethon's Prayer

Let me not cease, O' Blissful Gods
to owe You gratitude,
for all the good things I receive,
and for that which I have received in the past
under the patronage of Supreme Zeus.
Let me not neglect,
in accordance with my strength,
that which is good for my nation.
To serve willingly the common good,
and to consider that as a great benefit to myself.
Let me not be the cause for anything evil,
of the type which befalls humans,
but rather of the good, as much as I am able,
so that I may become blissful,
in Your likeness.


* Libate red wine.


Hymn to Athena

* Offerings: Olive branch, libations of olive oil and red wine, incense of
frankincense and myrrh.

Most High Goddess Pallas, golden wreathed Athena,
Great Goddess of the World;
You who sprang fully armed from our Father's venerable head.
Virgin goddess who awakens in us,
the indestructible and illuminated Nous (Mind).

Shield-bearing, Immaculate, You who governs
the Whole World.
Untamed Metis who merges the opposites,
thrice-born Maiden; bright flower.

You have filled the mind of the Father with the laws
of Universal Beauty.
You are all which exists, all which is still to come
and all that has been.

Glorious Goddess, Bright-eyed Maiden,
grant the strength and love to raise me
from the embrace of Gaia to illuminated Olympos.

O' Goddess, offer to us your immaculate Wisdom
and mental power, granting us the blessings of Olympos
that uplift the soul,
banishing the great illusions of the World.


* Libate olive oil and red wine.


Hymn to Apollon

* Offerings: Red roses, laurel leaf, libations of red wine – incense of frankincense and manna, accompanied by music.

I remember and do not forget Apollon Hekateios.
From years past,
it is a sacred custom to invoke You.
Come O' Blessed Paian, Splendidly honoured Phoivos,
Ie Dispenser of Blessings, Spermatic, Pythian,
Delphic Diviner, Bright Daimon.

You who sees the boundless aether
and the joyful earth from above;
Your eyes are the stars,
dispelling the darkness.

With your laurel branch, you shake the heavens,
Apollon, You who does not appear to all
but only to those who are good.

Great is he who beholds You,
insignificant are those who do not.
We wish to be in Your presence, O' Hekatevolos (Far-shooting),
so that we may never be insignificant again.

Thy hair drips healing aromatic oils
onto the earth.


Ie Paieon, Ie Paieon, Ie Paieon.


* Libate red wine during the final verse.


Hymn to Helios

* Offerings: Red roses, libations of honey, incense of rose and manna,
the first serving of the midday lunch.

Come O' King of the noeric fire, Golden Titan.
Come O' benefactor of light, who holds the key to the source,
You preserve life,
governing the material worlds from above
with complete and absolute harmony.
Come, You who holds the cardinal abode of the sky,
and the central radiant circle of the World.
You have filled everything with your providence; stimulating the mind.
Most excellent of the Gods, Flame-crowned,
You are the image of the God who created everything,
You elevate the souls.


* Libate honey.


Hear me and cleanse me.
Remove the stains which infect my soul.
Keep me far from punishment, soothing the sharp
gaze of justice which sees everything.
To my body grant resilience and health.
And drive away that which is sent against us
from the ever changing weaves of the Moirae,
spun beneath the swirling stars,


O' Great King, illuminate our minds
and grant unimpaired light to our souls.
(Repeat verse three times)


* Libate red wine.



Khairete O' Blessed Gods,
Be with us always,
Never leave,
Cease all illness
and drive away sorrow.


* Libate red wine.


ΓΕΝΟΙΤΟ (Yen-ee-toh = It is done - click here to hear it)